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Top 4 SEO resources out there!

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Header article global search engine market share.

If you’re serious about the online promotion of your website there’s no avoiding search engines. Let’s say you want to start an e-commerce business and you’ve put much time and resources in the development of a new website. The design is awesome, the usability is superb and great content is ready to deploy. In short, everything is in place to make your website a succes. But hold on, you’re not there yet, there’s no purpose in having a website if nobody visits it.


To this day most traffic to websites is generated by search engines. This traffic can be divided in two groups, paid traffic & organic traffic. While paid traffic (through search engines) is the result of search engine advertising (SEA), organic traffic is stimulated by search engine optimization (SEO).


In essence SEO tries to make your site rank higher in search results. This results in more traffic to your website. That’s the idea, but in reality SEO is a very complex and ongoing process. Today search results are more personalized than ever. So the aim is slowely changing, websites want to rank “better” instead of “higher”. Search engines want to bring “the right content to the right people” and not “as many content as possible to as many people as possible”. One thing remains the same though, website owners want their content to be visible. That’s what search engines do but they still need some help. That’s where SEO kicks in.

Here are some great guides to get you started;

1. MOZ – Beginners guide to SEO

2. GOOGLE – SEO starters guide and Video about SEO strategy

3. QUICKSPROUT – The advanced guide to SEO

4. SEARCHENGINELAND – Search Engine Land’s SEO guide

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